Jennifer Lawrence Receives Backlash for Scolding Reporter at Golden Globes

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Drama, drama, drama!

Jennifer Lawrence has ticked off millions of people with the way she ‘joked’ with a foreign reporter in the press room at Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards. Watch below!

Was she joking? The laughs in the background would suggest that yes, yes she was. However, the internet seems to disagree and are calling her remarks just plain rude.


Another reporter who was in the press room has chimed in saying that Lawrence wasn’t being rude at all and that her comments are being taken out of context.



Personally, I think it’s just Amy Schumer‘s dry sense of humour rubbing off on her but judge for yourself by watching the full interview below:



Despite all the drama, it was still a great evening for Jennifer Lawrence. She took home the awards for Best Actress in a Comedy for her role in Joy!!


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