Kate Winslet Drops Truthbomb About Titanic That Will Make You Rethink Entire Movie

London, ON, Canada / 103.1 Fresh Radio

Say it ain’t so Kate!!

It’s officially award show season for Hollywood and the internet pretty much freaks out every time Titanic co-stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are in the same room. So, when she visited Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night Kimmel couldn’t resist asking her about the famous “I’ll Never Let Go, Jack” scene, better known as doorgate.


Jump to about 30 seconds into the video below to see Kimmel confront Winslet about “letting her boyfriend die” in that famous Titanic scene.



Did you hear that? Kate admitted that she agrees and thinks Jack Dawson “could have actually fit on that bit of door.” How could you Rose, how could you?!



Maybe Jack would have been better off with Left Shark after all 😉



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